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Recorded on September 27, 2019

Eric Castro preaches that success is directly correlated between meaningful human interactions and trust. A lifelong entrepreneur, Eric thrives on helping people realize their full potential, achieve their goals, and find success both in and ou

Many practice owners unintentionally put brakes on the growth of their practice and team. You will learn how to leave behind micromanaging and becoming a leader that leverages the capability of others.

One of the major profit levers available to doctors today is improving case acceptance. This course will teach clinicians how to connect with patients in a deeper way, building the trust necessary to improve treatment acceptance.

We’ve all heard patients tell us the reason that they didn’t say Yes to your treatment request was because it was “too expensive”. But is that really the reason? We know they think that’s what it was after the fact, but what if you understood t

9 out of 10 crowns in America are prepped one tooth at a time. Learn the techniques that productive dentists use to enroll comprehensive care.

Learn the mathematical formula that over 60 Dental Entrepreneurs are following to grow, build, and buy practices in order to leverage the consolidation of the industry in their favor.

Do you have your team members in the right seat on the bus or are they a better fit for a different seat? Is it time to help them off the bus? While your IQ & Personality do adapt and change over time, the one constant we all share is how w

Learn why the traditional retirement model is failing practitioners, and discover how to go from linear (or stagnant) growth in your traditional investments to exponential growth through investing in capital assets.

Regardless of the business that you are in, without sufficient cash flow, you won’t be in business for long. In this presentation, Mark Costes discusses the importance of cash flow and overhead control in a growing dental practice.

Successful, entrepreneurial dental practices realize that reducing overhead expenses improves profitability 2.5 times faster than increasing production alone. Come learn how establishing an effective, consistent, and scalable procurement proces

The front desk area of a dental practice controls much of the success and performance of the business. However, it is riddled with inefficiencies, complex tasks, and a constant barrage of work load. Learn 6 straight-forward tweaks to make which

Few practices capture the natural patient demand that transits their practice daily. Learn how to improve production by 30% or more by simply changing your mindset.

How I sold my practice only to have it boomerang back at me, and the key business lessons I discovered that helped me become a real business owner and not just a clinician.

Day 2 PAID

Recorded on September 28, 2019

Many of us unintentionally get caught on the hamster wheel of work and business, never truly achieving the level of success and happiness we want, even when we continuously grind through the work days and busy-ness of life. Through a re-shiftin

During this presentation, I draw upon my decade long experience of coaching dentists and discuss the phases of dental practice growth and the most effective methods for quickly growing and scaling a dental business.

Open time in the Hygiene schedule is costly! Effective front office systems are critical to the success of the Hygiene department and the practice. Much of what we have been taught to do to keep the schedule full is not working in today’s world

Join me as I help you bridge the customer service experience for your patients from the front to the back office. Learn to identify customer experience ball drops and catch them before they impact your profits and practice success!

Effective leadership is the primary driver in scaling any business venture. Leaders are developed and not born, and in this presentation I cover several key tips for systemizing the process of developing the leadership muscle.

In today’s market, DSOs and other buyers are quickly buying up traditional successful practices, leaving very few practices for private dentists to acquire. However, with a smart Mergers model, entrepreneurial dentists can acquire small underpe

Mindset is a popular word these days. You see it everywhere. 100’s of books have been written on the topic. But what is it? What does it really mean? What creates our mindsets and what pulls it in other directions? It’s about T.I.M.E. you knew

This course addresses the challenges we face daily in the dental practice and shows you how a team that works together effectively and efficiently is better able to focus on patients and offer the best experience in your office. Exceeding patie

Many dentists think that the key to success lies in New Patients. Often, there is hidden potential that can accelerate practice growth maximizing opportunities that exist with patients already in the practice. This presentation uncovers easy wa

Today’s multi-generational workforce demands situational leadership. A cookie cutter approach does not work to develop high performance teams. In this session you’ll walk away with strategies to immediately motivate the team to succeed.

In this fast paced world, now more than ever, patients are looking for true connection. Discover how body language, rapport, and agreement are the keys to your patient communication success.

A powerful morning huddle will improve productivity by 15-25% if done effectively. This course will teach you the process to engage the entire team in making today the best day possible.

Dentistry is currently in the golden age of building and selling practices as entrepreneurial dentists build net worth through this business side of our profession. With a proper balance of financial, clinical, and operational performance, dent

Have you ever hired the wrong person? Attracting and hiring the right candidates is a science. Learn how to beat the odds and build teams that excel using metric-based career matching tools!

The average retirement age for dentists has risen to a daunting 68.9 years old. Learn the secrets of practitioners that are beating that average by decades and discover how to transition from “high income” to “high net worth.”

Profitability is a function of increasing revenue while maintaining a lower fixed and variable cost base. Through focused and simple efforts, practices can better their decision-making and tweak their operations to quickly create more profitabi

An empowered hygienist works in synergy with the dentist and is seen as a ‘physician’ of the mouth for preventive treatment. Learn how hygienists nationwide are transforming lack luster programs into ‘World Class’ Hygiene Departments by serving

This breakout pulls from Vicki’s experience in buying, selling and merging her own network of offices, tactically laying the foundation for success.

This session is a review and analysis of the available associate compensation models in the marketplace and how they can be used to attract and retain talent in your organization. The course also covers best legal practices for implementing ass

Getting a return from your Hygiene department can be challenging when you don’t have the right systems in place. Consistency is a problem when there’s more than one hygienist or dentist on the team, especially with Periodontal therapy. Wendy sh

Don’t believe the industry when they say “Direct Mail Is Dead” and “Direct Mail Isn’t Worth the Cost.” In today’s data-driven age of marketing, Direct Mail has never been more predictable and powerful. If you desire higher patient flow, if you


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